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Laboratory Housekeeping

Many laboratories take the summer breaks to perform housekeeping. EH&S strongly encourages this activity, but there are some safety practices you must keep in mind while performing laboratory housekeeping.

  1. Dispose of any old, unneeded and unusable chemicals through the hazardous waste program.

  2. Dispose of unneeded equipment, glassware, boxes, papers, catalogs, etc.

  3. Put all equipment, glassware and chemicals in the proper places.

  4. Clear out items stored under safety showers or blocking eye wash stations. Find a permanent, alternative place for the items.

  5. Clean out dirty sinks.

  6. Find out if anyone will be working alone with hazardous materials during the break. Employees/laboratory workers must consult with their PI before performing any operations when others will not be present. Individual PI’s will determine whether it is safe to work alone. The PI must obtain approval from their respective department and notify EH&S.

  7.  Resolve in the new school year to tidy up your laboratory every week.

A Tidy Lab is a Safer Lab!