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Drinking Water

In order to ensure the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors, drinking water sources are routinely monitored for water quality. It is our duty to maintain the value of this precious resource, and to comply with increasing state and federal water quality mandates to protect every drop of water we deliver. Sonoma State University’s Environmental Health and Safety department, in cooperation with Facilities Management, tests for over 200 constituents on both a routine basis and in response to concerns that may be reported. 

The samples are analyzed for primary standards that apply to the protection of public health and secondary standards that refer to the aesthetic qualities of water, such as taste and odor. Sonoma State maintains flushing, cross-connections, and backflow prevention programs to ensure a consistent, high-quality drinking water supply. We are proud to bring pure, clean, refreshing tap water to our entire campus community. 

For more information, review the annual water quality reports available below. You will see that most constituents have not been detected in our water sources, and any constituent that is present is safely within the regulatory limits for drinking water.