Hot Work Program

The purpose of the Hot Work Program (PDF) is to provide specific standards regarding Hot Work and to ensure that each employee is adequately trained and fully aware of safety procedures/protocols associated with all Hot Work.

Sonoma State University (SSU) is dedicated to the protection of our employees from occupational injuries and illnesses. SSU is responsible for providing a safe working environment. Welding and other Hot Work, such as brazing, cutting or grinding produces a source of ignition and potential threat for fire and injury. University employees and contractors must apply all precautions of this program prior to commencing any welding or hot work.

Employees are required to comply with the guidelines in the program and comply with the instructions/directions of their Supervisor. If an unsafe condition arises in the absence of the supervisor, employees should alert the lead persons on the jobsite and, notify the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Employees should also immediately alert co-workers of any unsafe conditions that arise.

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