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Office and Workspace Safety

Annually, our campus is inspected by a California State Fire Marshal.  These inspections are typically coordinated with Facilities Management and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), but they can also be done at any time, without notice.  Some of SSU's recent findings include:

  • Portable Space Heaters: Portable space heaters are NOT permitted on campus, unless approved by Facilities Management.  If you are having HVAC related issues or concerns, please place a work order in SSU Fixit
  • Extension Cords:  Extension cords should only be used for temporary needs.  Should you have an operational need for additional electrical outlets, please place a work order in SSU Fixit
  • Overloaded Circuits: Overloaded outlets could result in a potential fire and/or safety hazard.  Typically, we find this in our pantries/kitchens.  Refrigerators, toasters, toaster ovens, coffee makers, and microwaves should NOT all be on the same electrical circuit.  Appliances should not be plugged into a power strip and must use a dedicated plug/circuit.  If you have any questions or concerns with an existing condition, please contact
  • Plug/Power Strips: Plug strips, such as those used on computers, should be plugged directly into an electrical outlet, not into an extension cord, or into another plug strip (commonly referred to as “daisy chaining”).  If you have additional electrical outlet needs, please place a work order in SSU Fixit

    3 power strips
  • Damaged Cords: All cords that are worn, frayed, abraded, corroded, or otherwise damaged must be replaced.  If you see such conditions please place a work order in SSU Fixit
  • Electrical Panels: All electrical panels need to be kept clear from all obstructions, like stored items, boxes, and/or furniture.  All electrical panels must maintain a minimum 3 feet of clearance.

 Additional Safety Guidelines

  • Unplugging Equipment: When you need to unplug a piece of equipment, grasp the cord plug to remove it from the outlet.  Never unplug the item by pulling the cord.
  • Electrical Safety: Avoid touching an electrical appliance and a plumbing fixture at the same time.
  • UL Ratings / FM Approval:  All electrical equipment on campus should be UL rated or have FM approval.
  • Tripping Hazards: All walkways should be kept clear from electrical cabling.  These can become tripping hazards, or become damaged by traffic.  If you need support in cord management, please contact Facilities Management.  Do not run electrical cords under mats, carpet or rugs.
  • Wet Conditions: Never use electrical equipment in wet areas or run cords across wet floors.
  • Proper Training: Only properly trained employees should work on electrical equipment.


As part of ongoing efforts, EHS and Facilities Management will be correcting building conditions from our recent inspection.  Depending on your campus/building location, we may need to ask for your involvement.  This aside, the guidelines listed above, should be maintained throughout the calendar year.  As previously stated, SFM inspection can happen at any time, and these are safety guidelines that should be honored throughout the workplace.

We thank you for your attention in these matters.  Please contact should you have any questions, or please place a work order in SSU Fixit for any building maintenance needs.