Environmental Management

There are numerous environmental programs that protect our campus and the delicate ecosystems that are part of our diverse and beautiful surroundings. Going beyond the baseline of regulatory compliance, the campus is always striving to incorporate green initiatives and sustainable best practices to ensure that our precious natural resources are preserved. Every student, employee, and visitor to our campus become part of a community dedicated to an inclusive, healthy, and prosperous tomorrow. Click on the programs below to learn more about each program and what you can do to help!

Drinking Water

image of lakes

Learn more about our drinking water program, and how safe and healthy water is delivered to our campus community.

Hazardous Materials Management

image of construction site

Hazardous materials are a natural component of all man-made structures and environments. The campus is dedicated to the safe handling, segregation, storage, and removal of hazardous materials in accordance with all governing regulations. 

Medical Waste Management

image of blood drive

Explore how the trained professionals in academia and student health services safely capture, store, and dispose of medical waste as it is generated.

Hazardous Materials Spill

Students working with chemicals in a lab

What do you do if there is a small spill of hazardous materials on campus? What do you do if you see a large spill? Learn more about how and when to safely respond to a hazardous materials spill on the campus. 

Stormwater Management

Aerial view of the campus

The enire campus is a conduit for the delivery of stormwater (rainfall) across the various surfaces of our infrastructure. The mission of stormwater management on the campus is to ensure that rainfall flows to the nearest stormwater inlet pure and free from contamination. Learn how you can help our environment thrive by ensuring that only rain goes down the storm drain.