Hazardous Materials Approval Procedure

Sonoma State University has procedures in place to ensure that hazardous materials purchasing is managed with the correct oversight and accountability. The purpose of the Hazardous Materials Approval Procedure is to ensure that applicable environmental health and safety issues are considered and addressed before a hazardous material is procured, stored, and maintained on campus. 

This program applies to all purchases of hazardous materials that will be stored or used on the Sonoma State University campus, and all mechanisms utilized to obtain a hazardous material.

  • All Requestors must adhere to the requirements of this procedure, in order to have hazardous materials/chemical approved (where applicable), for use on campus, and prior to purchase.
  • EH&S will work with authorized requestor to ensure environmental health and safety requirements are in place for that hazardous material. 
  • Materials or consumer products that do not require Safety Data Sheet (e.g. non-hazardous chemicals) are excluded from this procedure.

Learn more about the Hazardous Materials Approval Procedure, and how to correctly obtain hazardous materials in accordance with campus policies and procedures.