Asbestos & Lead Program

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for assuring a safe workplace at Sonoma State. While it is true there are many buildings on campus with building materials containing asbestos and lead, these materials do not pose a hazard unless they are disturbed. EH&S manages the Asbestos Program, including extensive sampling records. EH&S works closely with Facilities, who maintains the buildings on campus, to assure staff use proper work practices when working with asbestos containing materials. Read the Annual Campus Asbestos Notification for more information.

If you think you have an asbestos or lead disturbance or release, leave the area immediately (evacuate others from the immediate area well), and shut the door. Contact your supervisor and then call Environmental Health and Safety at (707) 664-2100 during business hours. If no one is available for a 24-hour response, call University Police Dept. at (707) 664-4444. Please do not leave a voice message, continue to call until you reach a live person to report the incident. Do not return to the area until permitted by Environmental Health and Safety.

Asbestos & Lead in Construction Materials

Asbestos & Lead in Construction Materials
Color Explanation Building(s)
Grey Newer construction not considered to have asbestos or lead in construction materials.

Green Music Center, Anthropological Student Center, Building 49, Baseball Training Facility, Beaujolais Village, Tuscany Village, Person Theatre, Recreation Center, Student Center, Schulz Information Center, Sauvignon Village, Verdot Village, Cabernet Village, Stevenson Hall

Yellow Fully remodeled. Limited and inaccessible asbestos and lead locations. Darwin Hall, Salazar Hall, Wine Spectator Learning Center 
Magenta Significant quantity and distribution of asbestos and lead in constructions materials.  Facilities Management and Corporation Yard, PE Building and Fieldhouse, Ives Hall, Boiler Plant, Art Building, International Hall, Carson Hall, Nichols Hall, Student Health Center, Zinfandel Village


Not all materials in magenta colored buildings have been tested or identified. Check with EHS before disturbing unidentified materials. 

Map of asbestos locations on campus

When navigating inside buildings with suspected asbestos or lead containing materials (buildings colored magenta on the above map), it is important to be aware of damage to floor tiles and baseboards. This reference helps recognize floor tiles and baseboards that are showing signs of wear and tear. If you see any surfaces or building materials that appear to be showing signs of wear and tear, contact your supervisor. 

List of Locations with Asbestos Containing Construction Materials

Locations with Asbestos Containing Construction Materials

Building Name


Material Type

Art Department

Labs, Studios, & Classrooms

Mechanical Rooms


Joint Compound, Floor Tile & Mastic, Baseboard Adhesive, Pipe Insulation, Gas Kiln Walls, Roofing

Tank & Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation

Boiler Plant


Cooling Tower

Utility Tunnel

Joint Compound, Patching Material, Tank & Pipe Insulation, Floor Tile, Baseboard Adhesive, High Temp. Water Line Insulation, Cold Water Line Insulation Block Adhesive & Wrap Compound, Circuit Breaker

Exterior Panels

High Temp. Water Line Insulation, Cold Water Line Insulation Block Adhesive & Wrap Compound

Carson Hall

Classrooms & Offices

Joint Compound, Floor Tile & Mastic, Window Caulk, Plaster, Fire Door Insulation

Children’s School

Old Sections

Joint Compound, Floor Tile & Mastic, Baseboard Adhesive, Original Roofing (covered), Pipe Insulation (penthouse)

Facilities Management

Offices and


Texture and Joint Compound, Texture, Floor Tile & Mastic, Pipe Insulation, Roofing

International Hall


Sealant, Mastic, Roofing Materials

Ives Hall



Mechanical Rooms


KSUN & Studios

Joint Compound, Brown Chalkboards, Fire Stop, Floor Tile, Mastic, Caulk, Baseboard Adhesive, Roof Flashing & Patching

Tank & Pipe Insulation, Tar, Floor Tile & Mastic

Floor Tile & Mastic

Acoustical Plaster Enclosed in Soffit


P.E. Building



Mechanical Rooms


Joint Compound, Skim Coats, Mastic, Floor Tile, Wall Surfacing Compound, Roofing, Transite Ducts

Tank & Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation

Nichols Hall


Joint Compound, Skim Coats, Floor Tile & Mastic, Fire Door Insulation

Residence Halls - Zinfandel

Residences, Zinfandel Center,

Maintenance Closets, Crawlspaces

Joint Compound, Skim Coats, Floor Tile & Mastic, Baseboard Adhesive

Transite Wall Board, Pipe Insulation, Roof Mastic



Pipe Insulation

Student Health Center


Joint Compound, Mastics, Sink Undercoatings, Gaskets, Roof Sealants, Roof Flex Joint, Valve Packing, Floor Tile & Mastic, Lab Sink



Asphaltic Material Underneath Track Surface (not accessible)

Wine Institute

Mechanical Room

Tank & Pipe Insulation

Zinfandel Classrooms

Old Restrooms

Mechanical Rooms

Joint Compound, Texture Coat, Floor Tile & Mastic

Flange Gaskets, Insulation Mastic, Roofing



Baseboard Adhesive, Joint Compound, Floor Tile &  Mastic, Fire Door Insulation, Mastics, Transite Panels, Thermal System Insulation, Sealants, Underground Transite Pipe


Please note: This list is representative only. Not all materials have been identified or tested. 

You can download a printable version of the Sonoma State Lead and Asbestos Map (PDF), which includes the above tables.

Educate yourself further by reviewing the asbestos training video and if required, taking the associated asbestos awareness test. Both files can also be found on the EH&S Training page.